Why choose PCMI?

Why choose us?PCMI has been involved with monitoring and evaluation for over a decade and has experience at a local, national and international level.

As a company we have developed a range of innovative programmes to assist monitoring and evaluation practitioners at all levels, from those starting out in the field through to practitioners. Our experience enables us to share best practice approaches and also to provide guidance as to how this can be tailored to meet the strategy of your organisation - a vital factor if the monitoring and evaluation system is to work effectively.

Organisations that have benefited from our services range from small consultancy companies through to national government agencies and international non governmental organisations (NGOs).

Why should you choose PCMI?

  • You will benefit from our knowledge of best practice and range of monitoring and evaluation practitioners
  • You will gain access to our innovative monitoring and evaluation development programmes
  • You will develop or enhance your monitoring and evaluation system to align with strategic aims of the organisation
  • You will increase stakeholder confidence and satisfaction