Why choose PCMI?

Why choose us?PCMI has been involved with training hundreds of people to achieve appropriate business analysis qualifications and has also helped a range of organisations to create an environment that nurtures the discipline and results in better change investments.

PCMI solutions continue to develop and use frameworks which result in the creation of effective business cases, analyse the options to determine the most appropriate decision and then use the business case to regularly evaluate the investment to ensure that benefits can still be achieved. Once the change is delivered work takes place to ensure benefits are fully realised and new work methods are adopted by users.

Why should you choose PCMI?

  • We have worked with a variety of organisations and have helped train hundreds of people in the business analysis discipline
  • We can help you to develop a new framework from scratch or work with an existing structure
  • We can help you generate a better return on business change investments
  • We can arrange for appropriate training, either to internal standards or recognised by an appropriate professional body
  • We can provide support to existing analysts through the creation of additional, complementary skills that enhance analysis work