Though the innovative use of simulations, we are pleased to offer a range of invigorative solutions - some available as individual use products and others designed to be utilised as multi-user activities.

Single Player Simulations

  • Project Management: In this single-player simulation, the participant makes both quantitative and qualitative decisions as they manage a critical new product development project for a printer manufacturer. The objective is to bring the product to market on time and on budget, ahead of the competition.


Team Based Simulations


    • Private Equity Finance Simulation - This simulation teaches core principles of private equity finance. Participants conduct due diligence, establish deal terms, respond to bids and counter-bids, and consider interests of other stakeholders. The simulation offers chat functionality so participants can negotiate "live" online or in the classroom.


  • Mergers and Acquisition - This simulation teaches core principles of valuation, M&A strategy, and negotiation. Participants play the role of a management team at one of three wine producers and determine reservation prices, value targets, and negotiate over deal terms before they must decide to accept (or reject) final offers.



  •  Mount Everest Leadership Challenge - As part of a team of five, you seek to successfuly summit Everest. Your team must decide how to effectively distribute supplies and oxygen bottles needed for the ascent--decisions which affect hiking speed, health, and ultimately the team's success in summiting the mountain. Failure to accurately communicate and analyze information will have consequences on team performance. 


Project Management:

  • Polestar® PM Simulation - This simulation brings to life the project based behavioral and process issues faced by organisations. This is done through realistic scenarios to which participants can directly relate to and have actual experience of. brings to life the project based behavioral and process issues. This unique experiential learning approach causes breakthrough understanding of Project and Portfolio Management best practice and transforms learning into an engaging, fun and highly memorable shared experience. 


 Supply Chain:

  • Supply Chain Management - The simulation portrays a typical supply chain and each team consists of 4 links in the chain: retailer, wholesaler, distributor, and factory. At each stage of the distribution process, players face order processing challenges and shipping lags as well as central stock management problems. The player's objective is to minimize total costs and to keep inventories low, but not too low, to avoid backlogs.


  • Global Supply Chain - This interactive online simulation allows participants to try their hands at managing the complexities of a global supply chain by putting them in the shoes of the supply chain manager of a mobile phone manufacturer with responsibility for the rollout of two models of mobile phones. Success is measured by company profits as well as through a dynamic evaluation process in which participants answer probing questions from the company's board members. This is also available as a single user option.


To discover how you can take advantage of our simulation products, either visit our e-learning site for the single user simulations or contact us for further information about the team based simulations.