Leadership Development and Coaching

PCMI Limited has been at the forefront of leadership development and coaching initiatives for decades.

We have worked with organisations around the world and have also developed development programmes up to Masters Level with a leading UK University.

Our approach is tailored to your needs rather than trying to make you fit a predefined solution, this is the right way to proceed with a topic that must be personalised to work effectively.

To help fasttrack programmes, where necessary, we have developed frameworks that can be used to get your programme up and running quickly and we are happy to consider any existing frameworks you are already using.

We also have access to a wealth of talent to deliver large programmes, all consultants having credentials to build confidence from the start.

Our international experience from Africa, Asia, Europe and the US, including in developing economies, will ensure we can work with you to define and deliver a solution that will help your leadership, management and employees to achieve their full potential.

Talk to us to see how we can help you and how this can benefit your business.