Introduction to ChatGPT for Project Managers

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About this course:    

This 1 day course is designed to provide an introduction to the capabilities that ChatGPT can provide to a project manager. The course is suitable for those who have not used ChatGPT before and for those who have limited experience in using it when planning and delivering projects.

Course objectives:  


  • To provide an introduction to how ChatGPT works and how it can be leveraged by project managers
  • To demonstrate how to set up a ChatGPT account and use it in a project context
  • To provide understanding how ChatGPT can assist project planning and collaboration
  • To review how ChatGPT can help project monitoring and control activities 

Course outline:

What is ChatGPT?

The course starts with an explanation of what ChatGPT is and the potential benefits for project management.

Getting Started with ChatGPT?

You will learn how to set up a ChatGPT account and an overview of the basic navigation and interface.

ChatGPT for Project Planning

The course considers how to use ChatGPT for project planning activities, including scoping and defining objectives. The course also considers how you can use the tool to develop an appropriate timeline and to consider risks associated with project activities.

ChatGPT for Project Monitoring and Control

You will learn how ChatGPT can help in project planning, monitoring and control activities. Consideration is also given to how using ChatGPT can help in evaluating project outcomes and opportunities for improvement.

Throughout the course, participants will make use of ChatGPT through a series of activities that will give hands on experience in applying the key learning points being discussed.


* Course Date: