Introduction to Better Business Cases


This 1 day instructor led course provides an introduction to building better business cases using the five case model. Consideration is given to the components of the five case model, how it will help to ensure a robust case is developed and the key stakeholders involved. 

Course objectives

  • To provide an overview of the five case model for developing business cases
  • To develop understanding the key roles involved in developing a robust business case
  • To consider the difference between an economic and financial appraisal
  • To identify appropriate costs, benefits, risks and impacts that may be included in a business case

Who will benefit?

Individuals who have a part to play in the development of business cases using the five case model will benefit from this course. Additionally, anyone with an interest in considering how they can contribute to more robust business case development are likely to find the course to be of interest.

Delivered using Microsoft Teams or Zoom

(Excl. 20% tax)