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Monitoring and Evaluation for Practitioners 13-07-2020 15-07-2020 Online £1500
Making Monitoring and Evaluation Systems that Work 20-07-2020 22-07-2020 London £3150
Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation 03-08-2020 05-08-2020 London £2000
Making Monitoring and Evaluation Systems that Work - International Masterclass 07-09-2020 14-09-2020 Ulanbaatar, Mongolia $5000

Introduction to Supplier Management

About this course:    
The course covers a range of concepts that will help those attending plan and prioritise the way they manage multiple suppliers or best manage single suppliers. Not all suppliers are equal and managers need to be able to segment them in order to optimise supplier engagements.Once segmented, managers need to understand each stage of the supplier management lifecycle from identifying the need for external supply all the way through to exiting suppliers effectively.

Duration: 1 day; 7 PDUs

Course objectives:  
  • To understand a supplier management lifecycle
  • To be able to apply a segmentation model to a range of suppliers
  • To understand how to build and apply service levels and key performance indicators
  • Tounderstand key elements of a supplier contract
  • To appreciate a range of techniques available to build strong supplier partnerships

Course outline:
During this coure you will learn how to manage the entire supplier management lifecycle, understand contract essentials and use a range of tools and techniques to build healthy supplier relationships.

Topics considered during the course include:
·         Supplier management lifecycle
·         Supplier segmentation
·         Service level agreements and key performance indicators
·         Contract essentials
·         Relationship management techniques
·         Building a partnership
·         Action planning

PCMi Limited is a Registered Education Provider with the Project Management Institute. This course will provide 7 Professional Development Units (PDUs) to any participant who holds a relevant PMI credential.

Course accreditation and prerequisites
There are no prerequisites for this course however general management experience is beneficial. The course is designed for anyone who wants to develop their understanding of the requirements of successfully managing suppliers.

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