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Creating an Effective Business Case


About this course:    

This 1 day business case training course is designed for anyone with an interest in understanding the components of an effective business case. Participants include both those who are actovely involved in the creation of business cases and those who may be required to produce them in the future.

The course considers the structure and content of a business case and reviews how a business case is used in decision making. Financial metrics that are used as part of business case decision making are also reviewed, including how the numbers are derived. The course is interactive in nature and includes a series of activities to reinforce key learning points.It will be of interest to anyone involved in creating a business case, those with an interest in business analysis and project managers (including those who hold the CAPM® and PMP® qualification).

Duration: 1 day; 7 PDUs

Course objectives:  


  • To provide an understanding of the content and structure of an effective business case
  • To develop an understanding of the lifecycle of a business case and how it is used in decision making
  • To review the key financial metric used in a business case
  • To gain an understanding of the writing style to be used in a business case


Course outline:

Purpose and structure of the business case

The course starts with an overview of how a business case is used and a typical structure for the document.

Lifecycle of the business case and primary stakeholders

Consideration is given to the lifecycle of the business case, how the information provided within the document is used and who the primary business case stakeholders are.

Creating an effective business case

Time is taken to review the primary contents of the business case in more detail.

Costs and Benefits

We now review the different types of costs and benefits that may be included within a business case, how these can be quanitifed, and how the information is used.

Financial appraisal techniques

The main parts of a financial appraisal are reviewed together with what the results mean and how they are used to assist decision making.

Business case writing style

Having considered the primary stakeholders earlier, attention is given to the importance of writing the business case content in a way that will engage them.

Benefits realisation

Since the business case should also be used as a validation tool, the purpose of and approach to benefits realisation is reviewed.

PCMi Limited is a Registered Education Provider with the Project Management Institute. This course will provide 7 Professional Development Units (PDUs) to any participant who holds a relevant PMI credential.

Course accreditation and prerequisites

There are no course prerequisites.


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